Building & Construction

The Agency (Real Estate) Limited is also a practical yet innovative construction and building services company, with the key objective of developing better client relationships through excellent work and really good service.

We provide building and construction services to a variety of clients and our projects range from;

  • Small maintenance jobs
  • Building extensions
  • Property refurbishments and remodelling
  • Loft conversions
  • Painting and decorating
  • Building new homes
  • Constructing small to medium sized residential developments

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Property Development Consultancy

We provide property development and consultancy services. Whether you want to do an extension, property refurbishment or a new development we can help, give advice and manage the entire project for you. Whether you need to find the right architect, you need expert advice on obtaining planning permission or sourcing construction and building materials, and quality fixtures and fittings for your development, we have the knowledge, expertise, the connections and a network of skilled professionals to get the job done.

We also work closely with many developers/investors to provide independent advice on the progression of their scheme from the purchase of the site or building through to the build, sales and marketing strategy. Our experienced team will identify key development opportunities, where necessary introduce you to joint venture partnerships as well as recommend financial institutions if required for each project.

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